Model Q: Do agencies care if you have acne?

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Model Q: Do agencies care if you have acne?

Model A:

Well, that depends… Mild acne is fine, as long as it can be covered up with makeup, which usually, it can. If you’ve been messing with your acne and leaving indents in your skin, you’re going to have a bit harder of a time getting cast.

The key is to avoid getting acne in the first place. If your acne is due to hormones it’s going to be very hard to tame, but we do have a few suggestions for you:

1. Avoid caffeine and sugar. Yes, this includes coffee. Coffee is actually one of the worst things for your skin. It dehydrates you and messes up your hormone levels.

2. Avoid cheeses, dairy, and anything processed.

3. Avoid anything fried or sauteed in an abundance of oil, and anything thats naturally fatty (like chicken thighs, chicken wings, sloppy jos, or philly cheesesteaks).

3. Try yoga and meditation to keep your nerves under wraps. You’d be amazed what they can do for your mind, body, and spirit.

4. Increase your water intake. Replace any sodas and juices with water or lemon-water.

5. Switch out your facial cleanser. I spent a whole summer breaking out, thinking it was the heat wave.

I was so sold on my new organic cleanser my esthetician sold me that I refused to believe that it was at the root of my pimple problem. I totally changed my diet, my detergents, everything, and then the day I stopped using that $80 soap, I stopped breaking out. So you never know what it is – keep trying different things for 7 days at a time each and see if you notice an improvement. If not, heck! Go back to the cheeses and candies!!


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